Letter From the Founders

Hello Everyone,

It all starts with loss. Loss of a loved one, loss of privacy, loss of freedom, loss of good health. Loss, as inevitable and sad as it is, is the impetus for much that is good. I’ll bet in a few seconds you can name 5 Foundations or causes that were started as a result of loss. I’ll get you started: The Alzheimer’s Association, Susan G. Komen, HIPPA legislation, and my favorite, The Max Schewitz Foundation.

The thing about loss is that as much as you feel alone and unfairly singled out for your personal loss, you’re never truly alone. Loss, as solo as it seems, is felt by so many people – people you may not even know. The community that knew your loved one, the people sharing your goal for good to come from your loss, the supporters who endeavor to remediate this type of loss. They’re all out there, perhaps unseen, but all moved by loss.

These supporters may send you a text or comment on a social media post, volunteer in support of your cause, donate to your fundraiser, or spread the word of your mission. They find their way to you; lifting your grief, enriching your life, and very squarely, uplifting their own life through their generous acts. Helping others feels good.

The loss of our son, Max, devastated not only our immediate and extended family, but our community as well. It was inconceivable that we would then be uplifted and our grief eased by helping others. The 90,000+ EKG screenings we have provided in Max’s name have saved literally hundreds of lives. We thank you for making this possible, for being our friend, our supporter, our volunteer. Without you, none of this could have happened.

Best wishes now and always,
Mary Beth & David Schewitz