Every day in the USA,
young adults die from detectable but

undiagnosed heart conditions.
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Max Schewitz

The standard preparticipation physical fails to detect over 95% of conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac death.


A painless, noninvasive ECG test can detect upwards of 60% of the markers of conditions that lead to sudden cardiac death. Yet, an ECG is not a part of the routine physical for young adults.


To fill that gap and protect our young adults, we provide low-cost, high-quality ECG testing supplemented with limited echocardiography for select students.

Is there a difference between being fit and being healthy?

Is there a difference between being fit and being healthy?

Ask yourself two questions:

Is this man fit?

Is this man healthy?

Just because a body builder, or any athlete for that matter, looks strong, sculpted and without a trace of fat, there is no guarantee that he or she is healthy. 

Brothers Bring Screens for Teens to St. Viator HS

Student Kevin Schrieber read an article about the Max Schewitz Foundation. He was intrigued and moved by Mary Beth’s story. Despite his mother doubts ("What if she doesn’t call you back?!"), Kevin contacted Mary Beth to inquire about bringing EKG testing to St. Viator High School. His persistence paid off. Mary Beth did, indeed, call back.

Pessimism Sucks

The Periodical of Pessimism Sucks recently featured the Foundation for it's work to prevent sudden cardiac death in young people. The publication's focus is to feature people who are changing the world we live in for the better by overcoming negative events and/or pessimistic attitudes.  Click here to read our article!

Knowledge is Power

Do you remember Schoolhouse Rock? On this Saturday morning TV show we heard a boy shout, ‘Knowledge is power!’ as he morphed into a superhero. Wise words, indeed.

Lake Forest Academy Screening

by T-Ann Pierce, volunteer

As volunteers, our main objective is to give as many EKGs as possible, but we cannot help but walk away from each testing without personal stories.

Lake Forest Academy provided many such stories. With an international student body, there were many kids who gave their weight in kilos and height in centimeters. Thank goodness for conversion apps!