High School Cardiac Screening



Families are devastated when a seemingly healthy young adult dies from hidden heart conditions. Max Schewitz appeared to be a healthy 20-year-old the day he died from a hidden heart problem. After such tragedies, people ask “Isn’t there a way to find these kids before they collapse and die?” An EKG test can help!

An EKG can detect markers for about 60% of the conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac death. A single EKG can’t catch everyone at risk, but it can catch many.  Better yet, every heart condition has a treatment plan to avoid sudden cardiac death. 

Like any screening test, an EKG needs to be repeated to monitor changes in the heart. Get an EKG every two years from age 14-28, and any time symptoms appear. 

What's Included?

High school participants receive an electrocardiogram, also known as an ECG or EKG. Some students selected by the cardiologists will also receive a limited echocardiogram at no additional cost. 

Screening Cost

School-wide high school cardiac screenings vary in cost, but average $15-$25 per student. The cost to the parent ranges from free to practically free depending on the school's ability to underwrite the cost for participation.

Register your high school student for EKG screening

See the box at the right and click on the school your child attends to register. (Note: Student must be a registered student at test school).

Interested in a screening at your school?

If your school is interested in having Screens for Teens on-site to provide EKGs to your students, please contact Kathy Aykroid, Executive Director at Kathy@heartsmartekg.org

Volunteer to help

All screenings rely on volunteer parent help. No prior experience is required, you will be trained by our cardiologists and team leaders to conduct a portion of an EKG test. Please indicate your interest in volunteering when registering your child for testing, or reach out to Kathy@heartsmartekg.org.