College Cardiac Screening


The NCAA endorses and recommends EKG tests for college-level student athletes. Though an EKG is not a requirement for the pre-participation exam, the NCAA recognizes the value and added protection EKG testing provides student athletes and their support staff. Although all young adults are at equal risk of  having hidden heart conditions, the stress athletes place on their heart can put those already at risk at greater risk. News reports of young athletes dying in the prime of their life attest to the need for more thorough screening to detect hidden cardiac conditions. Better yet, every heart condition has a treatment plan to avoid sudden cardiac death.


College Cardiac Screening provided by the Max Schewitz Foundation can be completed on the college campus for student athletes with full reporting of results to the student athlete, athletic director and team physician. Turnkey services choices include: EKG only, EKG and echo for select students, or EKG and echo for all students.

The EKG test takes just minutes per student to administer so most athletes and coaches are able to find a convenient window for screening that does not conflict with their academic or athletic schedules.


The Max Schewitz Foundation’s medical director and supporting cardiologists have interpreted over 90,000 young adults collected through our program. The CardeaScreen EKG machines are programmed with the latest international criteria for interpreting EKGs of young athletic adults. This provides an optimum balance of catching potentially fatal heart conditions while minimizing false negatives and false positives. On site echo can quickly confirm or rule out findings indicated on the EKG, expediting a student athlete’s status for play. Student athletes receive their results within 48 hours of the screening. Copies of the student athlete EKGs will be provided to the athletic director.


College Cardiac Screenings can be conducted on all or a portion of the student athletes and range from $25 to $75 per athlete. Cost variables include the number of student athlete participants, services provided and travel expenses. Note: we neither bill nor report results to insurance carriers.